Human potentially Elf


You initially encountered her when you first stepped on to the continent of Creon. She appeared before you, covered in wounds and running from a Goblin horde. She was later taken into custody at the behest of the local Lightbringers in Rhun. It would be some time before you saw her again.

Cade was next to see her skulking throughout the camp and eyeing him cautiously and with some contempt.

Heike was next to stumble upon her wandering in a field alone and shouting a name over and over again. She seemed bound to and infatuated with Tarkus, her group’s leader. Heike’s encounter with her would lead him to the depths of The Fortress of Zhon. There she would meet her end at the hands of Heike’s memories brought to life by a corrupted shade.

Her body was carried to the surface to be properly buried by Gavinn.

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