Dimo Higgins


Half-Elf Goblin Hunter


The famed Goblin Hunter.

Dimo was an outcast of Fort Stronghold. Shunned by the society, and more importantly his true love Sheila, Dimo tried to eek out a life in the wilderness as a professional hunter of Goblins. His meager hut and undaunted personality (as well as his availability for hire as a mercenary) attracted you.

He traveled with you to the archaeological dig site where untold horrors awaited you. There he proved his courage time and again by leading the charge into battle against the monsters that awaited you in the forgotten temple. His battle cries and positive disposition lightened the mood of an otherwise horrific endeavor.

Sadly, Dimo met his end at the hands of Ghauroth, an ancient priest of the Cult of Taros brought to life by an unwitting archaeologist. Though burned alive by the priest Dimo’s final thoughts were only for Sheila.

His remains will forever lie in the darkness of that accursed tomb…

Dimo Higgins

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