Deep within the archaeological dig site, hidden amongst the ruins and ancient architecture lay a single alter.

During your journey through the ruins you encountered many obstacle and slew a number of beasts, but, being caught up in the fight for your lives, you forgot Gavinn’s heed to seek out the pages of the lead researcher’s journal. Had you scoured the area for clues as to what had happened you might have learned more about the terrifying nature of Ghauroth, the priest garbed in yellow.

Tall and twisted, his form seemed to poke out of his robe at odd angles and tortured posture. His face was grey with a deep set of burning eyes. He emerged from the very flesh of the researcher who freed him and his echoing laugh filled the chamber as he stepped foot into new life.

His madness and cruelty were on display as he cut down Dimo with powerful magic, cruelly laughing in the face of the dying half-elf. He then turned his attention towards you and, were it not for the intervention of Gavinn, you all might be lying with Dimo in that accursed tomb.

Though who can say if he was truly vanquished that day…


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