Lady Calinda


Beautiful, stoic and utterly without mercy.

When you first arrived in the court of Stronghold it was Lady Calinda who sentenced you to summary execution. You were to be hanged by the neck until dead were it not for Lord Ozric seeing the potential in you and spinning your capability as cheap expendable auxiliary scouting units (and the fact that the mission he was sending you on was deadly) managed to save your lives. However, Lady Calinda never took her eyes off of you.

Rahm, while under the supervision of Lord Ozric, began suffering visions and horrible nightmares all having to do with the history of Lady Calinda and her involvement with The Cult of Taros. After awakening from this horror he rushed to Lord Ozric’s chambers to warn him, only to be intercepted by the Lady herself. She knew of Rahm’s visions and had him imprisoned. There he could only hear from a distance as Stronghold filled with Chaos.

Gavinn managed to save Rahm for Calinda’s clutches, though he could not stop her wanton destruction. She had burned the for to the ground and slaughtered all of its inhabitants. Her trail had gone cold and only the Elves knew where she had ventured.

She had headed into the Fortress of Zhon. That ancient accursed castle was rife with evil and things best left undisturbed. Whether she ventured there to uncover power or out of sheer madness none can say. Yet there she remains biding her time…

Lady Calinda

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