A Helpful Stranger


Potentially Human



You met this man in the marketplace. His words were very insightful, if a little cryptic.

He seemed to vanish as quickly as he appeared.

You would later meet him in the Fort of Stronghold. He seemed already ingratiated with the local authorities and proved to be well versed in not only the history of Creon but embedded in the current events as well. Moreover, he had a wealth of knowledge concerning the Cult of Taros.

He helped vanquish the priest Ghauroth and lead you through tense negotiations with the hidden Elves. Indeed, they seemed to revere his presence (even if it was with some trepidation).

He lead you to the Fortress of Zhon and there proved his resourcefulness in dealing with Poosh, Dahlia and Lyle. Though it could be inferred through his conversation with Lyle that he had ulterior motives at play.

After seeming to pass away when he fell into the thick fog of the gorge that spanned the inner walls of Zhon he appeared at the final hour and banished the shade of Heike’s memory back to shadow.

Truly he is a great man of power…

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