Madman's Journal


This journal details journey of Lady Calinda and her followers and what transpired on their journey to the Fortress of Zhon. It appears to be written by one of the acolytes.

Entry 1:

Worshipping has commenced. My lady and I need not hide our love for Taros any longer. Fools…the fools….burned in the eyes gaze. Gaze the fools now.

Burn, now. Burn them my lady!

For I’ve too have been called a sinner.

Entry 2:

The children were the last.

Burned the brightest.

I’ve been called a viper and a wretch. A scoundrel, but they burned for Taros… for Calinda.

Entry 3:

We dig now. Deep we delve, into the shadow. He was of the shadow, the child. Something buried there. Calinda knows, she fears but she knows.

This is red when paint the walls with fire and blood. This is my mouth with sharp silver teeth and our implausible dream. These are the songs when sung to you by blue lips the likes you’ve never seen.

It lies there… in ruin. In the West where suns hide their burns from shadow.

Entry 4:

They’re here now. Wretches. I may be a villain, but they are the low things. The God’s forgotten children. And shambles, walking shambles.

This is how we enter when there are no handles on the door. This is sleep when they remove the warmth from our little house. This is how you glow burning there as quiet as a mouse.

Entry 5:

It was hot and the summer was cold. I slept through it all and when I awoke, a vicious dark hung in the sky. My surroundings foreign and discomforting. I staggered to my shoeless hooves and ventured down the only path I could find.

At first there wasn’t much life to be seen. Yet there she was, there IT was, her and IT. Like an eyesore, like a private whore. Scaled tail. Scaled female. Serpent beauty sat upon her bridge coaxing me to her side.

Then as i caressed her scaly hide. I knew and she knew and IT knew. IT. I see IT.

She’ll sell you the road, but she won’t point the way home. She won’t. won’t. WON’T…

I only wish to tell you my story dear reader..kind friend. It’s too late for me but you still have a chance. If she finds you she will consume you IT will consume you. IT and the bastard IT that she and IT are. She will love you like she loved me…

Then…… down…… down.

To where I fell…………

Where I BURN.

The last page is spattered with blood and is illegible.

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Madman's Journal

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