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The very name stirs the imagination of the populace. It’s where heroes have forged their destiny, where an average man from lowly beginnings could build an empire.

Some say there is a hidden temple devoted to occult gods. Where their acolytes perform obscene rituals for promises of power. Where sorcerers wield eldritch spells from a bygone age.

Others say that the mountain ranges are riddled with gold and mithrall, jealously guarded by tribes of enormous giants and flights of evil dragons.

Still, others believe that is the lost mystical isle where the race of elves first journeyed to the mortal realms.

Whatever rumors or stories people believe it has been twelve years since the nation of Creon held dominance and sway beyond its borders. The continent has been eerily silent these past years and with rampant tales of wealth just beyond the horizon many now look upon Creon with a lustful eye.

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