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In the petra ruins    by raphael lacoste

When crusaders had first arrived on the shores of Creon they brought with them not only a thirst for the past and a hunger for the wealth that lay unclaimed throughout the countryside, with them were also archaeologists and student of arcane practices. They immediately began trying to uncover the mysteries of the once revered empire and why it had vanished all those years ago.

Even in Stronghold, a remote outpost on the frontier portions of the civilized areas of Creon, students from the Order of the Arcanist, Mages, Wizards, Sorcerer’s and even tomb raiders, came seeking the knowledge that lay hidden just over the horizon. For the province of Rhun there was but one spot that enticed these travelers; a remoted cliff face that seemed out of place in the rolling hills and deep forests of the peninsula.

It was there that the archaeologists uncovered something better left buried. Hidden amongst the carvings of ancient Gods and depictions of day to day living, sleeping, waiting a ghost of the past was ready to appear and usher in a new age of Taros on the continent of Creon.

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