A noble and proud people Elves have a tendency to be viewed as pretentious outsiders by other races. Their history within the known realm has inevitably tended towards migratory nomads, never truly feeling at home.

The recent developments on Creon have led many Elven scholars to try and amass their wandering tribes into a driven cultural force. Shedding the raiment they might have adapted to survive, they headed East, to the ancient land that potentially belonged to their ancestors, their eyes again filled with hope and vigor.

They allied themselves with various Holy Orders and pilgrims and set out to carve a reborn nation from the husk of the old one, whatever the danger might be. Shortly after arriving on Creon, they discovered that they had bought their passage at a terrible price.

Some of the crusaders had determined that the land they now had relieved from the vile creatures inhabiting it was merely an extension of the old realm. Elven relics that had been within the ancient city of Anor Londo were quickly pillaged from Elven scholars. Violence erupted throughout the city. Those who had survived, either fled or marched what remained of their followers deep into the forest to continue the quest to discover their heritage.

They now trust few who come to them. Save those who can prove time and again they are indeed friends. For what friend would refuse an elf a favor?

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