Lord Gwynn

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Little is known of the truth of Lord Gwynn. What is known is steeped in legend and myth.

Long ago a man arose from obscurity to the greatest heights the world has ever seen. This man, known as Gwynn, Lord of the Nation of Creon, single handedly conquered a continent and brought its denizens and monsters to heel. This nation would go on to become one of the most powerful in the world and its riches and knowledge would lead at the forefront of innovation throughout the mortal realms.

Through the compiling of the mythos of Gwynn, it is has been found to be true that he was a knight of the lightbringers and that he was the very personification of bravery and compassion.

All great myths have small beginnings, and the tale of Gwynn begins in the village of Maw.

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Lord Gwynn

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