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A land of murky history and forgotten monoliths. It is the Southernmost point of the island Creon, forming a peninsula. To the North lies the mountain range of Zhon while forests encircle the inner plains of Rhun.

Hidden deep within the shadows of the mountain lies a massive ruin. Carved from the very mountain side lies the Fortress of Zhon. None truly know what lies beyond its walls. Though all speak of it in hushed whispers. A terrible curse lies over the fortress and all those who journey there…

The province is also home to several Elven ruins. The secretive race sequestered themselves close to these ancient constructs shortly after arriving on Creon’s shores. It is said that the elves have access to some ancient power and can only truly tap into it when they are close to the ruins of their progenitors. Whether this is jealous myth or fact remains to be seen.

Lately, Goblins have begun ransacking the countryside. A small fort was established on the innermost portion of the plains of Rhun. Stronghold, as the commonfolk call it, is a beacon of the crusader’s justice. The village of Dondenn maintained a strong relationship with this outpost and, in turn, was provided more than adequate protection to maintain the river of trade goods and settler pilgrims.

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