The Order of The Lifegiver

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One of the oldest orders in the realm, The Order of The Lifegiver is dedicated to seeing to the needs of anyone in pain or in need of healing. These dedicated clerics seek out the sick, dying and suffering and bring hope where it is needed.

Though they have always existed as a holy order they have never established a temple or monastery to the worship of the Lifegiver. Their order has decreed, since it’s inception, that their the vocation and focus shouldn’t be reliant on those in need coming to them. It is their imperative to go into the world and bring life and hope where it is absent.

Caravans of The Hospice

As the realm has found itself embroiled in never ending war these holy clerics have developed an ingenious solution as landscapes and borders fluctuate around them.

Mobile caravans of tents receive the sick and the dying and give aid and succor where it is needed. Rather than rely solely on beneficiaries or payments for their services these clerics accept food donations from farmers, merchants and occasionally nobles in any province they occupy, to disperse among their patients and for use as general supply.

Citizens have taken to calling them “Hospitallers”.

The Holy Orders

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The Order of The Lifegiver

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