The Order of The Lightbringer

The Order of The Lightbringer


This order has had a bit of a rough history. Though it was founded under good intentions by the worshipers of the light, it has had a reputation for being rough around the edges. This may be due to the fact that the order welcomes all who wish to spread the word of the Lightbringer. Anyone from common criminals, murderers, rapists, thieves and worse are welcomed by the order for a chance at rebirth within the light.

Though the acolytes tend to take some time to shed their less than reputable pasts and habits the order is renowned for bringing prosperity and happiness back to the realm. By rebuilding and mending broken communities and kingdoms and by safeguarding trade routes and roads between kingdoms, The Order of The Lightbringer has shrewdly ingratiated themselves within the political structure of the realm.

This particular order is also one of the largest and most well established, and was one of the loudest proponents in the proposed crusade for Creon.

It is rumored that the great hero, Lord Gwynn, was also a fervent devotee to the Lightbringer.

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The Order of The Lightbringer

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