The Realm

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The Realm is merely shorthand for the continent of the mortal races. Kingdoms, Republics, Federations, Barbarian Tribes, Oligarchies, Democracies, Empires and Principalities of all races make up the greater nation. While these variations of governments have in the past coexisted quite peacefully in the last fifteen hundred years War has ravaged the countryside.

Though these wars have decimated the infrastructure and bread contempt and distrust between the nations and races of the realm, it has also given rise to the establishment of the holy orders.

In fact, through a peace summit these orders met and discussed how best to heal the land and move forward. The political climate was still turbulent with mistrust breeding hate and fear and nowhere left for the populace to turn their anger except upon each other Another important item to discuss was what to do with all of the surplus population of trained soldiers, mercenaries and wizards hungry for knowledge. Finally, after many days of debate the orders agreed that a crusade was in order to reaffirm the faiths and direct the energies of the masses. Creon could be their only target, seemingly abandoned and full of potential. With the rebuilding of the realm underway, the Orders gave their blessings in support of this great crusade.

Now, with peace and stability finally established a new focus has given the people hope: the Crusade for Creon. Many orders and bands of people have taken the calling and now greedily stalk the shores and coastal ports for passage to the treasure that lies just on the horizon.

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The Realm

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