The Thieve's Guild

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The Thieves Guild lies in murky ambitions. No one is particularly sure what they want, other than riches. It’s true that a group of cutthroat thieves may not be the easiest to judge in terms of motivations and desires, but they seem to mostly be interested in maintaining the appearance of order within the realm. Though, if a juicy target should present itself they have no qualms in taking it for themselves and selling to the highest bidder.

To them, Creon represents a great untapped, unguarded hoard of treasure. What early reconnaissance they’ve heard or stolen has led them to believe that despite the dangers the island represents the reports of whole cities lying unoccupied is tempting to not at least investigate. To this end they have founded organizations and set up businesses that seek to hire not just adventurers looking for a continent to conquer, but average citizens looking to better themselves maybe for an opportunity to find a new life.

But why would a cell organization that primarily deals with stealing and selling precious items and favors be so concerned with giving so many dregs of society an opportunity at a better life? What really motivates this zeal to conquer the unknown? Who can say. But the thieve’s guild is becoming more and more the primary supplier of not just resources but also manpower in the quest to conquer Creon.

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The Thieve's Guild

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