The Village of Maw

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A small port village on the island of Veruna, it is the final destination before any may journey to Creon.

Its history is fairly insignificant, having been established hundreds of year ago, the town of Maw remained, until recently, in relative anonymity. Established as a haven for those weary from the toils and intrigues of the realm Maw’s primary focus was on simple living and easy fishing. The town received its name for having been established between two rather large cliff faces . These mountain ranges provide the town with easy security and funnel access to the ocean.

The only facet of importance that Maw has gained over the years is its small portion in the tale of the hero Lord Gwynn. Having stayed a few nights at the local inn before setting off on his grand quest to the continent of Creon, Maw has seen the occasional pilgrim or sight seer.

It is because of its relative obscurity and tactical importance that Maw was chosen by the council as the final staging ground for crusaders on their way to Maw.

Having been established by humans accompanied by a small band of halflings, the village has known very little racial tensions even as dwarven merchants and elvish herders have set up along the outskirts of town.

Yet, all is not peaceful in Maw. As crusaders poor into the city they bring with them the trouble of the wider realm, and as more people crowd into the small village tensions are sure to boil over.

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The Village of Maw

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