Poosh A-Muhtahha of The Ender’s Tribe

A rough half-orc with little love for small talk or thought out plans, Poosh was part of the adventuring group that Heike encountered on his way to seeking the source of a wailing Elf maiden. Poosh cares little for those around him save for Tarkus, whose orders he follows to the T.

He chased after Dahlia when she had had news of Tarkus’ trail. Though he vanished into the fog with Lyle he was later rescued by Dahlia within the accursed temple beneath Zhon. He regained consciousness and rushed with the group to escape the horde of demons bearing down on them.

Poosh fought valiantly against the shade of Heike’s memories but was ultimately brought low by the very demons, his arrows seemingly cursed. He now regains his health with Heike and Gavinn, Dahlia’s death fresh in his mind.


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