Deepditch is a semi-large village on the western half of the Isle of Veruna. It is know for being built above and across the Reynor River. As Cade Thorngage saw on his first visit as a child:

After a moment, the wagon came to the town’s namesake: a severe gash in the landscape cut right through the middle of the village. At the bottom flowed the mixed waters of the Crackenbrow and Reynor, a river that had, over the centuries, cut through this area of Veruna and worn away the mostly rocky underground that Deepditch was founded on. A tributary – the Crackenbrow – met Reynor River just north of Deepditch and added to its strength, however meager that might actually be.
bq). Two heavy bridges crossed the crack at separate points, splitting the town into east and west halves. Although the town was not full of much wealth, some division occurred simply based on where one had lived or does business. An “Easty” might have a subconscious desire to not do business with a “Westy,” but Deepditch wasn’t large enough to discriminate, and such labels mostly were a matter of jest rather than discord.

On the western side of town is its square, made up daily of peddlers bringing their wares in to sell. In between the northern and southern bridges stood the Sloppy Salamander, an inn and tavern that served the community.

Deepditch serves as the western trade village for Veruna, funneling goods created by those who lived on that side of the island to Maw for shipment.

Cade Thorngage lived here in the aftermath of his family’s death, and on these streets he learned the thieving arts.


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